Meri Chudai – Desi Kahani Mobile

Meri Chudai – Desi Kahani Mobile

Friends ! I ruled from Agra . I am going to tell you a true story . 10 years ago when I was 18 years old , my distant relative aunt and uncle lived in Bareilly . One day I realized I have always come to Agra . I went to see him and everyone in the house . Love Marriage was almost 10 years ago, but no child was not his . Omar aunt 30 years. I saw aunt kept watch . Long , white Citti aunt’s full body , wide hips , hips and provocative blouse came out , turns out great – big tits in my mind began to stir . Fuck him in the care of my mind and started to look naked .

My uncle was thinking of your business . I often used to come to their home . I got along well with him and my aunt took care enough . Aunt uncle was a day to go out alone at night in fear that they will bid . Uncle Merry mother spoke to the mother and aunt told me that at night you go to sleep .

I went to Aunt 9 pm at night . Aunt Bid – Secrets! Come to bed or you ‘ll sleep with me ? I said – as you well understand . I Jaunga sleep anywhere . Aunt bid – if you go to sleep on this bed . Then aunt was engaged in his work . Aunt came into the room at 10 at night and unloading sari quote – Raj , you ‘re reading the newspaper , I am sleeping , did you go to sleep when you sleep . I turn the lights off and lay in a while . I could not sleep . After a long time to come back late aunt got up and one bathroom light was burning . I was awake but was lying with closed eyes .

After a while Aunt Bid – Secrets Are you sleeping ? I suddenly wake up and say what happened aunt ‘s excuse ?

One aunt suddenly embraced me and said I ‘m afraid . I said – fear ? I felt a bit on current Cuye their Bubs from my Cti . He had a leg up on me . I stepped on his foot and hand on his back and said – Sleep aunt . Aunt was slowly shrinking in my arms and I was enjoying . I gently put his hands on his hips and slowly started caressing . Aunt was enjoying . Then late aunt was straight and keeping my hand on my stomach that help you sleep clinging to me , I ‘m afraid . Now I was still clinging to him and rested her head on Bubs . I was already Lnd . I slowly started caressing her stomach, thigh Aue again .


Then aunt opened her blouse hook by saying that anything look so hot . His nipples were now distinctly visible . I rested my hands on and started caressing Bubs . Now my courage was gone . I took it in his mouth Bubs removed from the Bluj and Mslte holding both hands over her legs and started her petticoat . He said – what are you doing ? I said excitedly – Do not stop me aunt today . I am blonde looking at his thighs came in a sudden passion . His wife was looking intoxicating . I began to lick her pussy . I was crazy .

I have the legs to the side of the head were the aunt . Aunt Merry Necker also got down and started sucking my Lnd out . He was giving me unsatisfied . After a while my aunt came up and I lick her from under her blonde with big hips and started caressing . Aunt has left her water . I could not stay longer , I woke up and lay aunt , Lnd in their legs wide and put her aunt started moaning . I was putting her out loudly . Aunt grabbed me tightly and started to say – do not like that rule , it ‘s fun , today I got yours , now I need in my pussy Lnd your Aauu S Ss Sss Ssi Aah Mmm hmm income Oui Ma Ya Ya highest . Lnd the water left after a while and my aunt was discharged several times .

ऐngl three different times that night I Choada aunt . Aunt was complemented by ‘re cool . Since then two night stay whenever we go out, having fun uncle . Our relationship lasted two years . Meanwhile aunt gave birth to a boy and a girl . Aunt says that both my children and it does not matter any more .

How did my true story !

Bhabhi Ki Kahani With Photo

Bhabhi Ki Kahani With Photo

Friends My name is Sonia , I am a resident of Haryana , very fine and white to color , I see guys dream about what not to do. My height is 5 feet 6 inches , chest and slender shapely bra to wear number 34 . Every part of my body is created by God with great leisure . Patika I ‘m New Here , I have made to date only four boys fuck . Today I am going to tell you about my first fuck !

We have 4 friends and I Vicki Raman season !

The four of us sat at the party went to order a meal in a separate cabin . After the waiter began to fall and Vicki and Raman Cumachati look at me like that. As I was sitting on the same couch . She gently touched my hand , I felt a bit shocked but I did not say anything to her she took my hand fingers to put your fingers .

Even if I did not mind it too much ginger and growing. I started to look at him , he got down on my hands did not shy eyes . I gently took her hand and the second hand moves to put his hands up and gave her ginger .

He put his hand on my thigh on sight , and wikis in their busy season , I immediately removed her hand from his thigh . Then the food arrived and we had dinner . While going Raman told me that he would call me at 12 at night and I am able to pick the call because I endorsed and came out of there with my Scotty . I feel His hand was still in my hand .

He got a call at 12 at night , I was ringing pickup and said hello . He has fulfilled my dream , lifting call me “I love you! ‘ Said ! I made ​​a while without her ” I Love You Too! ” Said it. Wish she was my birthday and we have promised to meet the next day .

No one was at his house the next day he called me to his house and I was running to come running to the . When the doorbell rang , I opened the door and he said – Welcome dear!

She looked very beautiful , blonde pussy lips were red , her see I was just knows to kiss her but I did not kiss and got up to go inside . She locked the door and embraced me in turn . After being struck by his neck until today I realized that I was fairly incomplete .

I was engaged to her throat, she blindly ‘ I Love You ‘ And began to kiss her . At first I refused her , she said – so you have matured today ! Do not stop today !

So I accompanied him . She was sucking my lips very fast pace and I was just blindly taking the fun .

It was the kiss of my life experience that I enjoyed it . Then putting his hand toward my eyes . He started caressing my eyes tight , my breath flowers and I was shaking bad way . I was having fun and was frightened .

I was holding his head .

Then she opened the clasp on my bra bra to free my Cuche and now my Cuche rotate in the air and she was sucking them and I was enjoying it .

He removed his T- shirt and I was sucking her own hair sticking out .

Then he suddenly stood up and removed his lower . She was anxious to get out of his underwear I told him – I can not do it all !

Then she said – only to call you all .

He removed my pants . I tried to stop him but he failed C by shocks removed my pants . Now I was the only black panties and she was only in underwear .

From the top of my Panty She started licking my pussy . I was also very erotic . She also was off and his Panty Underwear too! His big fat dick was waving in front of me , she grabbed my head and told her to suck forbidden to chew and then I got scared and kept my mouth shut .

Was started tickling me and having fun . She pierced his tongue back and forth was .

I started sucking again . Then he spread my legs and put his cock on my pussy hole and pushed . I was really hurt .

He did not say anything to me and caressing my pussy felt comfortable . He was bleeding and moaning in pain when I got up and started kissing me . I was to accompany him .

He then pointed me towards her , she had died from the pain , so I told her I wanted Chudna – Easy to Relax !

So she put on a very lovingly and gently pushed her pussy hole , but I broke the pain tolerated . Then he looked back and forth and put a little spit . The first time I had the feeling of paradise, so I asked him to put in a little more . He hit a slight shock and gradually completed his 7 inch cock rammed into my pussy and began to stroke tremendous . I was fully with him , I was having so much fun , in between he was doing what I do .


Bhabhi Ki Kahani

Then from his mouth came out a sigh and discharge was inside me and I with him, was scorched . He suffered defeat me . I took her arms out loud .

He asked – fun?

So what have I got to do and how loud . He was not fired her yet . Then he pulled his cock which was now shrunk and lay down next to me . Then I climbed on top of him and started kissing him .

And quickly climbed down from the bed and went into the bathroom . After that she came into the bathroom . We bathed and drank tea together Then I went home . I could not be happier to get her first fuck !

Then how the fuck I got a boy from his uncle , the next story write.

How’d you let me know the story .